With the highest concentration of delta 8 THC, you’ll get targeted day-long relaxation with the strongest full-body high.

It's like a warm hug.

Alleviate your most severe ailments from head to toe, in all the ways you need it.

Relief is our most psychoactive line. Providing the highest delta 8 THC to CBD ratio, many patients look to Relief as an evening enhancer or a daytime lubricant. Providing a nice focused head high and a euphoric, relaxed body sensation, the Relief line offers maximum delta 8 benefits including the strongest anti-naseau and appetite stimulation with intense muscle relaxation.

stomach issues



Insomnia & PTSD

Multiple Sclerosis

post-workout support

Vape Cartridges

1g (600mg d8 THC, 100mg CBD)
.5g (300mg d8 THC, 50 mg CBD)

The Relief Vape line is delivered in a 6:1 ratio allowing the delta 8 thc benefits to shine. With enough CBD to enhance this broad spectrum cartridge, the Relief Vape Carts provide strong euphoria (some have described it as almost psychedelic) with a soothing body buzz.

Available in Citrus, GSC, & Unflavored


30 ml (1500mg d8 THC, 500 CBD)

Our High Concentration Tinctures pack a serious Punch! Available in 30ml With 1500mg of D8THC and 500mg CBD, this 3:1 tincture is going to get to the heart of your ailments. Often used as a sleep aid, this tincture is mighty potent and can be used for pain or for pleasure. Enjoy the heavy hitting Relief Tincture for intense rest and relaxation.

Relief 100 – 15ml (100mg d8 THC)

Our low dose tincture is the perfect way to get through your day. Keep your head clear with a 3:1 blend of delta 8 THC and CBD.

Each blend is held to the highest testing standard, ensuring a safe and consistent experience every time. Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, operating machinery, or driving. DO NOT exceed 1 gram or 1 ML in a 24 hour period.

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