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Where Can I Buy Recreational Marijuana In Arizona?

Recreational sales of Marijuana in Arizona began at over 70 licensed dispensaries in January, well ahead of the Spring deadline that was set when Arizona voters approved Proposition 207 last November.

Many dispensaries saw long lines filled with enthusiastic customers and less enthusiastic medical cardholders not excited about having to wait for their medical cannabis. And while it is universally expected that Arizona cannabis sales will grow exponentially in the coming months, the lines are not expected to be an ongoing feature.

Of greater concern is the supply of cannabis products. It will take a while for new grows and existing cultivators to ramp up to meet the demand and shortages are widely expected. This is especially concerning to medical-use patients who have come to rely upon medical cannabis for relief and comfort.

As a medical cannabis producer, we are especially committed to these patients. And given the unique source and process of Delta 8 Oils, we are not expecting any supply shortages of our products and expect to be there for our select dispensary partners and their patients. In fact, we are already ramping up production to meet the expected demand.

Meanwhile, here is an updated list with 130 dispensaries as of 3/15/21.

And this map where you can currently find Delta 8 Oils, with more locations being added every week.

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