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To Whom It May Concern: Please Stop Stealing Our Brand And Our Logo (Updated)

UPDATE 9/8/21: Ms Wenzke has done an outstanding, in-depth follow-up including an interview with Delta 8 Oils’ Sam Slosburg on this important and growing issue in our industry. Read it HERE.

Imagine our surprise when while reading another excellent article from Marissa Wenzke on Leafly, we saw our logo on a product we have absolutely nothing to do with. Even worse, the product was one she was rightfully calling out for being fake.

This is wrong on so many levels. Obviously there are serious legal issues as it’s a violation of our trademark and also involves counterfeiting. But beyond the legal violations, there is a violation of trust that has no place in our industry nor in our movement to bring natural relief options to those suffering.

Delta 8 THC offers what we call peace of body and presence of mind. People look to our products for relief from a variety of physical and emotional ailments without the debilitating head high. Our patients know that our products are tested up to seven times from seed to sale. Our patients know we are committed to their well-being. So when someone steals those expectations in the form of our logo and slaps it on some pre-fab bag containing who knows what, we take it very seriously.

While we investigate and explore various legal options, please remember the following:

We are committed to bringing the Delta 8 THC experience to those who can benefit from it in a safe, reliable, quality-controlled manner. Together, we can rid the marketplace of dishonest predators like this.

(Photo Credits: Marissa Wenzke/Leafly)



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