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“Smart and Safe” is Smart for Arizona

Arizona voters will soon decide whether legal access to cannabis will be made available to any adult. While we remain focused on medical uses for cannabis, Delta 8 Oils enthusiastically supports this measure. Far too often, responsible adults who could benefit from cannabis therapies don’t because of the medical card hoops, stigmas and other barriers to access. The Smart and Safe Arizona (SASA) initiative will remedy this and give new hope to thousands of Arizonans.

The Arizona Dispensaries Association website has a particularly helpful summary of the benefits of SASA. Among them are:

  • SASA generates $3 Billion in NEW REVENUE during the first 10 years alone to fund community colleges, public safety, public health programs, and roads and highways.
  • SASA protects children by requiring all packaging be childproof and labeled, bans advertising to children and bans the sale of gummy bears, gummy worms and other products that resemble kids’ candy.
  • SASA gives the Department of Health Services more than $20 million annually for addiction prevention, substance abuse treatment, teen suicide prevention, mental health programs and other justice reinvestment projects.
  • SASA does the right thing by providing an option for folks who were previously convicted of low-level marijuana charges to have their criminal records sealed so they have fair access to jobs and housing.
  • SASA frees up police to focus on real crime and hard drugs and unclogs the justice system which is currently backlogged with minor offenses.
  • SASA creates thousands of good-paying jobs across Arizona.

A link to the SASA site with everything you need to know can be found HERE.

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