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Real Arizonans. Real Relief.

We continue to be both humbled and gratified by the comments and emails we receive from people who have found relief and peace from our Delta 8 Oils. Here is just a sample:

This product is amazing. So grateful to be off the opioids.” 

“Having had two knee replacements in the past 6 months and finding out with the first one that I couldn’t tolerate the pain medication prescribed was quite a dilemma! I took the pain pills because I was told to stay on top of the pain and got sick to my stomach and couldn’t keep any food or drink down. After a few days, I quit taking them. My husband could see how much pain I was in and called a friend for help. That’s when I tried Delta 8. I was happy with the way it relaxed my body so I could finally get some decent sleep. I also thought it helped my pain level to get through the rehab exercises which can be tough the first few weeks. I would highly recommend it!”

“I was wanting to get away from the D9 head high…not a fan of the cerebral high. I started with 3 drops and felt pretty sleepy and was pain-free from lumbar pain…so I am pleased with that. Will add another drop tonight. I picked the Blue cause I thought starting with a balanceda ratio would be best, as I could adjust and either go up in D8 potency or down. Wasn’t sure how  i would respond to D8 since I am sensitive to D9.”

“I bought the tincture to help with anxiety and stress, and it works well for that.  Added and unexpected bonus is that after a week, I realized my hand and back pain had subsided, and I am sleeping well which is huge.  This is using only the 25 mark on the dropper once or twice a day.  It does not give me brain fog or hangover side effects.  I learned about Delta 8 from a friend.  I am 66 and prone to body pain. The young man who assisted me was very knowledgeable, which helped me make the choice of Green. Feeling grateful.  Fan for life now.”

“As a carpenter, I work in a stressful environment managing strict deadlines and clients’ valuables. The stress can get so overwhelming at times that it cuts into my productivity and my bottom line. In the past, I would turn to cigarettes to squash my anxiety, but a friend recommended I try delta 8 instead. I was surprised by how soothing it was while also keeping my mind alert for the tasks at hand. I’ve been calling it the working man’s weed. The CBD balanced with a splash of THC not only keeps my stress at bay, but also provides pain relief for my hands and back after long days in the shop.”

“After doing hair for 11 years I started to experience hand pain which ended up being diagnosed as trigger thumb/finger. My orthopedic hand surgeon did a round of cortisone in March but felt no improvement from the injection and was told surgery would be the next step to create better mobility in my hand and to eliminate the pain. In early May I was introduced to delta 8 and decided to give their product a try before signing up for a surgery and some downtime to recover. After two weeks I noticed a lot more mobility and a noticeable decrease in pain. And now two months later I use all three varieties (depending on what my days look like) once or twice each day and have full mobility and very minimal to no pain. I’ve avoided a surgery, the expenses, and the downtime and feel so great utilizing this plant medicine to make my workdays easier and more manageable.”

How can Delta 8 Oils help you?

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