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New Protectionist Rules in Colorado Showcase Arizona’s Foresight, Putting Patients First

THC products such as Delta 8 Oils are currently and will continue to be legal in Arizona thanks to legislative foresight and updated regulations in 2020.

Recently in Colorado, the Marijuana Enforcement Division of the Department of Revenue issued a clarification to Colorado licensees concerning THC products derived from industrial hemp. Within the past year, multiple producers in Colorado had begun to develop and sell delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10 THC products made from CBD isolate. This “clarification” now renders these products illegal in Colorado to the detriment of the patients who were benefiting from them, the jobs created by these new producers, and the marketplace that benefited from the competition.

By contrast in Arizona, marijuana regulations were updated in 2020 precisely to allow for innovative cannabis solutions to be made available to Arizona marijuana patients. Specifically, the “seed to sale” rule requiring a batch number to be assigned at cultivation was amended allowing a batch number to be assigned during manufacture and preparation for sale. This amended rule is exactly why Delta 8 Oils has been able to bring its innovative THC/CBD blends to Arizona before any other state. We are able to legally bring in our premium CBD isolate and use it to produce products containing THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids under the umbrella of Arizona’s patient-centered medical and recreational cannabis regulations. 

Of equal importance, we are able to provide products to our dispensary partners and their patients without the fear of a Colorado-style “clarification” knowing that Arizona already clarified this regulation months ago to the benefit of their citizens and the marketplace instead of billionaire industry protectionists. 

Be assured that Delta 8 Oils is and will continue to be produced under the strictest quality and legal standards and will always be at the forefront of both.

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