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If We Tested Our Products Any More, We Would Have To Award Them Degrees

In our first few months of production, with Delta 8 Oils carts and tinctures already in over two dozen of Arizona’s top dispensaries, we have been both gratified and uplifted by comments from patients who report being able to get off opioids for the first time, being able to function without anxiety, being able to recover from knee replacement without pain-killer drugs or traditional marijuana highs, and more. Stories like these are why our family and friends made the investment of time and treasure to bring delta 8 THC to those who could benefit.

We also decided on day one to do it in the licensed and regulated medical marijuana space. Many if not most hemp-based delta 8 producers choose the non-regulated “some say it’s legal” space. Watching the growing chaos and confusion around the country in that non-regulated delta 8 marketplace, we are confirmed daily in our original decision and remain committed to providing superior quality solutions to our dispensary partners and their patients.

A licensed market is a better market.

There are many solid arguments for the legalization of cannabis products, but three come up most often. 1) Making cannabis therapies available to those who can benefit. 2) Billions in uncollected tax revenues on purchases likely being transacted anyway, and 3) improving the cannabis products available by regulating and monitoring their production for quality and safety. The “traditional” unlicensed and unregulated cannabis marketplace is something of a cross between the days of alcohol prohibition in the 1920s and moonshine makers. One is not exactly sure what’s in the glass but it usually has “medicinal” value and sometimes can be used to strip paint in a pinch.

The licensed and regulated cannabis marketplace has accomplished all of the above-noted goals while creating thousands of new jobs and opportunities. Of course, there is still the unregulated traditional market where one can still take their chances with unmonitored products and purveyors, be it the weedman down the street or the dozens of homegrown delta 8 producers flooding unsuspecting consumers outside of Arizona in health food stores, gas stations, and online with carts, edibles, and more.

Trust but verify.

Simply put, our Delta 8 Oils are likely the most tested products in any Arizona dispensary. A typical marijuana product might be tested 1-3 times from seed to sale. With marijuana flower, the mass is tested at harvest. One test may represent 100 lbs or 1 lb but the results are applied to all the material linked to it. If pre-rolls are made from the flower, they are not retested and carry the numbers from the flower batch. On traditionally extracted carts, the mass would have been tested at harvest, then the oil would be tested when extruded, then the cart would be tested as a final product.

Our products are tested 6-7 times.

  • We test our premium hemp mass for potency, pesticides, and contaminants.
  • After we first process the mass we do another potency test.
  • After we finish the next phase we do another potency test.
  • After we obtain our CBD isolate, we test again for potency, pesticides, and contaminants.
  • After our isolate has been converted to delta 8, we test again for potency, pesticides, and contaminants.
  • After our final Delta 8 Oils products have been prepared, we test again for potency, pesticides, and contaminants.

We’ve even had the same final products tested at different labs to compare results. All of this means better, safer, and more reliable products for the patient. Patients can see our final testing results for each product online here.

Of course, just like school, the most important test is the final. This is another reason why Arizona’s testing requirements, testing the final product on the shelf, is well-thought and so important for consumers. Over the production process, THC content evolves. Depending on where in the process and local conditions, THC levels, especially traditional THC or delta 9 THC, can come and go. This is especially a problem for these unregulated delta 8 producers all over the country. One of the reasons we read about unsuspecting users being lit up by less-psychoactive delta 8 is that highly-psychoactive delta 9 THC appeared later in the process after it was tested if it was tested at all. Or they are producing gummies that behave in your system just like a marijuana gummy for reasons previously discussed.

Medicate with confidence.

As with anything you put into your body, be careful. Get advice, follow directions and make sure you know and trust the source. Arizona has quickly become a model cannabis market for the nation with solid producers, knowledgeable and committed dispensaries, supportive trade associations, and thoughtful, responsible regulation and governance.

Delta 8 Oils is proud to call Arizona home.

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