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Leafly: Delta 8 pirates are scamming consumers and legit brands—and the feds don’t care

In late June, Leafly ran an excellent article about bogus delta 8 products popping up everywhere from head shops to gas stations. The reporter, Marissa Wenzke, was unaware however that one of the sketchy products she uncovered had also appropriated our logo. To her journalistic credit, she smelled another story, the results of which just appeared, again on Leafly.

Kudos to Ms Wenzke for a job well done on a very important story. This is about more than simply the legal integrity of a young industry. This is about protecting the health and safety of consumers who have built trust in reliable brands and trust the government to protect them from scammers.

Please read the article HERE and share it with your friends.


(Image credit: Ann Clancy illustration / Leafly)

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