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CDC and FDA Guidance Validates Delta 8 Oils’ Testing and Labeling

A recent headline in Marijuana Moment was both alarming and misleading. It suggested that the FDA and CDC had issued warnings about the use of all Delta-8 THC products from hemp. Not only is this not true but what the federal agencies DID say supports and validates the testing and labeling practices of our Delta 8 Oils. Their guidance is consistent with what we have been saying all along.

Here is what the CDC actually said: “New CDC Health Alert: Cannabis products containing delta-8 THC may have unclear & incomplete labeling, leaving consumers at risk.” This is a far cry from the Marijuana Moment headline and is something we have been saying ourselves for months.

There are indeed shady operators out there using unsafe methods, no testing, and misleading labeling. There are also states without any regulation where these practices thrive. Fortunately, Arizona is ahead of the curve and is not one of them. Delta-8 THC products are only legally available through licensed dispensaries and must undergo all of the same testing and labeling regulations of any legal cannabis product.

In fact, our Delta 8 Oils products are likely the most tested products in any Arizona dispensary. They are certified to be free of all of the issues and understandable concerns that come with the illegal products found outside of licensed dispensaries and we provide Certificates of Analysis for every product via batch number or QR code.

We continue to share the CDC and FDA concerns about “grey-market” products and labeling and encourage people to rely only on licensed dispensaries for safe and effective cannabis solutions.



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