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Our Story

Laboratory research of cannabis.We are a multi-generation family business that together with friends from dramatically different walks of life, are passionate about bringing an amazing new alternative to millions seeking relief.

Ongoing research continues to indicate that many people can benefit from cannabis therapies. Our bodies have a complex endocannabinoid system designed to heal and maintain inner-balance naturally. But millions of people avoid cannabis therapies because they need stronger products than those available in CBD shops but also need or want to avoid the psychoactive effects of marijuana found in medical dispensaries.

CBD products interact well with some of our cannabinoid receptors but not all. Marijuana products seem to interact better with those other ones. But of course, marijuana also brings those psychoactive effects caused by THC. Specifically Delta 9 THC.

But there is a second THC that likewise interacts well with those same receptors that CBD does not, Delta 8. Delta 8 THC is much less psychoactive than its Delta 9 counterpart thus solving the problem of the unwanted “head-high” but unfortunately, Delta 8 THC is found in only small quantities in marijuana.

Enter our breakthrough and patent-pending process. We are able to convert 99.99% pure premium CBD isolate into Delta 8 THC rich oils. As an all-natural, hemp-based product, Delta 8 Oils offer a plentiful alternative to opioids and other side-effect laden pharmaceuticals, as well as to psychoactive substitutes with more bountiful and reliable supplies than its marijuana counterparts.

We are understandably excited about our ability to help people suffering from stress, seizures, opioid and other addictions, the side effects of cancer treatments, and other challenges for which cannabis products can be a natural alternative and holistic solution.

We invite you to join our journey of healing with peace of body and presence of mind.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission — To educate society about the Delta 8 cannabinoid and the variety of health benefits associated with its uses by creating and distributing the purest, highest-quality, all-natural products.

Vision — To further the understanding and exploration of unknown cannabinoids, seeking out more healthful and beneficial attributes to share with the world, decreasing the consumption of opioids and other traditional pharmaceutical (inorganic) treatments.

Man With Cannabis Plants.

Our products contain 100% natural ingredients and are certified to be free of toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Our packaging is completely recyclable and our mycelium inserts are even compostable in your garden.